Thank You, Jesus, For The Cross

This is a song I wrote with my good friend, Andi Rozier. Andi is a worship pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel, and we worked together for many years.  He is one of my best mates, and I’m chuffed that we were able to knick an ace song together.  (He’s from London, so he taught me what that meant.)

He maintains a great blog and website called Pressing On.

The video for the song can be found here.

You can find sheet music and a string quartet arrangement here.


5 thoughts on “Thank You, Jesus, For The Cross

  1. i recently led a Worship Team meeting – One of the things I shared with my team was my hope that in our next round of song selections we could breathe some fresh life into our tune choices and most importantly that those tunes would be gospel centered. Songs with depth. I have asked them to help me in this and to pray for us to keep “the main thing, the main thing” meaning to keep the gospel absolutely central. Our pastor, Bob Turner, suggested your tune “Thank You Jesus For The Cross” and sent me a link.

    So I’m sitting down tonight, preparing my mind and my heart to choose the worship tunes for our quarterly schedule and the first thing God leads me to do is to open your song..

    You have blessed my heart – and no doubt the heart of our King as well with this beautifully written gospel centered song. Thank you for being faithful to Him through your choice of lyrics and for allowing us access to not only your song but also the arrangement.

    I look forward to sharing it with my team and with our congregation.

    Much peace and love to you as you continue in His service 🙂

    Faith Gladem
    Worship Leader
    River of Life Church
    Portage, WI

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