My Songs

Here’s a good place to find my original songs.

Let me know if any of these have blessed you!


21 thoughts on “My Songs

  1. Hey Matt,
    I am glad to hear you still like classic jazz. I still like it too. Check out the band on youtube. I hope you and the kids are doing well. We just hired a new worship pastor at out church. Maybe you heard of Bill Gillette? We are getting along splendidly. Do you have any cool funky charts with horn parts we could use at our church?

    I would like to hang with you and catch up a little. I have some family in GR and I will drop you a line nest time I and running through. Let me know if you have some good Gillette stories.

    Bob S

  2. Hey Matthew,

    Do you know of any place online where “The First Place” lead sheet is available as a free download? I have downloaded the chord chart you provide here, but we would like to introduce this song to our congregation (Trinity Baptist in Youngsville, NC) and it is much easier for the musicians to also have a lead sheet.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts for the glory of Christ and His church.

    Rebekah Taylor

  3. Matthew,

    Our church loves to sing “The First Place.” We can always sense the enthusiasm and conviction from the congregation while we sing it. Thank you.

    Bob Bixby
    Pastor, Morning Star Baptist Church
    Rockford, IL

  4. Wondering how I can get artwork for “Christmas at Home” which is your music yet strangely mentions you only in very fine print.

    iLike iTunes to have the artwork.

    Have a blessed Christmas, Matt!


  5. I’m guessing the Italy church you’re referring to is the Army chapel that I was a part of. My friend Vanessa introduced it and we loved it! Easy to learn and sing yet never gets boring, with rock-solid, rich lyrics. I’m in Japan now and hope to introduce it to our chapel here soon. Thank you.

  6. Matt, I spoke to you briefly at Harvest when your church hosted the NANC conference and while there I purchased the CD Here and Now. Unfortunately, I think it was lost during Hurricane Katrina when a friend who had borrowed it lost everything when her family’s home was flooded. Now I can’t find out how to replace it. Any idea how I can get a copy of it?

    1. I had been there and couldn’t find it. Couldn’t find it on ebay or anywhere. I’ll try calling the church and see if they even have it. Must have been a limited edition to not have any copies floating around. It’s a shame. That was an excellent CD.

  7. I tried and tried to get the “Christmas at Home” C.D. a year or two ago. It is not available. It is one of my absolute favorite Christmas C.D.s. (and I have many!) Wish I could get more for gifts….

  8. Hi Matthew, where can we obtain licensing permission to project the lyrics to your song “First Place”? We greatly enjoy singing it at my church. Thank you.

  9. Dear friends,

    We are trying to locate the copyright holder for the song “The First Place”. Do you know who the copyright holder is? If so, can you provide the name and mailing address where we can send our request?

    Thank you,

    Mark Meikle

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