I’ve been fairly busy in the last few months, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this blog. C’est la vie. My life does not consist in the abundance of my blogging.mw-bob-kauflin-zac-hicks-dt-2016

Back in November, I presented two workshops at the excellent conference, Doxology & Theology. The first was entitled, “Already and Not Yet: Confessing Our Worship”—an overview of my dissertation. The second workshop was a panel I hosted with Bob Kauflin and Zac Hicks entitled, “Biblical Songs, Questionable Sources.” Bob and Zac were great conversationalists, and I told a story about my grandmother that became an article (see below: “Battle Hymns”). The recording of that panel is available here.

I presented a workshop at Bethlehem’s Conference for Pastor’s and Ministry leaders. I also lead worship for the conference’s plenary sessions. You can see the video of the workshop below, and I will send you the set lists if you @ me on twitter.

I wrote a one book review for The Gospel Coalition on The Worship Pastor by Zac Hicks and another for Themelios on You Are What You Love by James K. A. Smith.


My recent articles for DesiringGod were “Disappointing Worship Services” (December 11, 2016), “One More Time: Three Ways to Worship Through Repetition” (January 16, 2017), and “Battle Hymns for the Fight of Faith“(Feb. 26, 2017).

I’m teaching a course this Spring entitled “Worship Leadership & Design” at Bethlehem College & Seminary. It’s a delight.

Enough blogging, though. Back to writing.


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