Book Review: The New Pastor’s Handbook

Looking for that perfect graduation gift? If the graduate you love just completed seminary, I have great news: your searching is done.

Baker Publishing just released a new book by Jason Helopoulos entitled The New Pastor’s Handbook: Help and Encouragement for the First Years of Ministry. From the very first page, it is obvious that Helopoulos has heard a lot of tried-and-true ministry advice, and it is obvious he has paid attention.

This book’s particular strength, though, is pitching classic pastoral advice directly at the new pastor. Certainly, a newly minted MDiv graduate will have Spurgeon’s and Lloyd-Jones’ books for ministers on their shelves. But with 48 chapters in under 200 pages, Helopoulos’ book will be the one they actually read. The New Pastor’s Handbook feels a bit like a “blog you can hold.” And this fits its target demographic well.

No book can cover every topic. For example, I would have liked to have read Helopoulos’ thoughts regarding personal and corporate evangelism. But each chapter clear and candid, well-conceived and well-written. And when you pair these meditations with the outstanding bibliography, you have a wonderful resource to give to your new pastor.


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