This past week’s service at Bethlehem Baptist Church, downtown campus

Some of my twitter friends have asked for a copy of our service. Here’s last weekend. The songs can be heard here, and the sermon (EXCELLENT!) can be seen here.

Glorious and Mighty

Pastoral Welcome and Announcements

Be Unto Your Name
Psalm 62

Ps. 3:1-4 (Responsive Scriptural Reading)

Pastoral Prayer of Confession (this week adapted from language found in Prone To Wander):

O Lord,

We confess that we are needy people. Some of us are surrounded by foes that oppose us while others are surrounded by circumstances that overwhelm us. And so we are tempted to turn to many saviors, but this [evening/morning], Lord, we turn to you. We recognize that you are the only one who is able to save. When we sin, we live as though Christ never left the tomb. Too often, in the deadness of our flesh, we live as though he too is dead.

But, Lord Jesus, you are alive this [evening/morning]. By the power of your indestructible life, show mercy to your needy people. Spirit, impress upon us the reality of what we cannot see—Jesus, God’s king, has been set on God’s holy hill, bearing scars that proclaim the greatness of his sacrifice and the greatness of his love for us. In his name we pray, Amen.

Have Mercy on Me

Isaiah 41:8-10 (Responsive Scriptural Reading)

He Will Hold Me Fast

Pastoral Prayer of Praise (extemporaneous)

Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

Sermon Text Reading: Psalm 3
“Salvation Belongs to the Lord” Psalm 3 (Jason Meyer)

CLOSING SONG: Made Me Glad – Miriam Webster


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