YouTube Apologetics: The Satanic Poet

Those of you who have followed by blog for a bit may remember some of my interactions with the YouTube atheist named “Terry” (n00bs can do that research here).

My new favorite YouTube commenter is a Satanist who ridicules Christian videos by (take a deep breath) posting satanic poetry.

Yes, you read correctly, satanic poetry. Here’s the poem on his YouTube profile:

In the name of Satan, we will acheive [sic] our goal.
With the blessings of Hades, we’ll outlive our role.
Through the power of hellfire, we will gather our strength.
With the blood of mere chriatians
[sic], our thirst will be quenched.
In the name of Satan, great things can be done.
Through the lore of the demons, Satan’s song can be sung.
Gather around my legions, for in time you’ll see.
Christians screaming weakly for mercy.
Sensing the distaster
[sic] they’ll cave in to their hate.
Hell bore Satan’s child to use you as our bait.
Hear infernal legions plead as Satan sings his songs of war.
As I see mortal corpses rise up from the depths.
I care not for the whore I shall destroy the priests.
Bound in chains and demned
[sic] in Hell I shall n’er release their souls.
For the internal torment always reigns
Summon legions of the night for we are now as one…

Defending the devil, who comes to steal and destroy, with poetry? Representing him with carefully-grouped words, syllabic meter, rhyme scheme, metaphors and linguistic craft?

Welcome to Paradox City, sir. Population: you, Scylla and Charbdris. For, to put it pithily, the better the poetry, the worse the argument.

Satanists can’t shake the image God created in them as easily as they think.


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