Study Music Playlist: Modern Jazz Trio

Here’s a playlist I put together to help me study. All the music fits a modern jazz piano trio format.

WARNING: What is inspiring to me may be distracting to you. I will not be held responsible for the grades you get while listening to this. I will, however, be held responsible for the grades I receive while listening to this. 🙂

  • Omer Avital: “Arrival” from The Ancient Art of Giving
  • Robert Glasper: “Of Dreams to Come” from In My Element
  • David Hazeltine: “My Foolish Heart” from A World For Her
  • Leo Blanco: “Steady Steps”
  • Alon Yavnai: “Funk Tango” from Picture This
  • Joe Magnarelli: “I’m Old Fashioned” with my favorite piano intro by Larry Goldings. From Always There.
  • Robert Glasper: “One For ‘Grew (For Mulgrew Miller)” from In My Element.
  • Joe Magnarelli: “I Fall In Love Too Easily” from Always There.
  • Tino Derado: “Pandora’s Box” from Aguacero Two.
  • Brad Mehldau: “Into The City” from my favorite album of 2010, Highway Rider.

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