Modern Creeds and Confessions

I need one place where I can find some of the most important recent Statements of Faith. This post is now IT. You may also use it. You’re welcome.

Please leave comments about important modern Statements of Faith missing from this list.


3 thoughts on “Modern Creeds and Confessions

  1. Matthew,

    I would definitely add the Gospel Coalitions Foundational Documents to your list.

    The gospel coaltions pulls from broad spectrum of important evangelical theological figures (more or less in the reformed/calvinistic tradition)

    I’m personally a big fan of Bethlehem Baptist’s Elder Affirmation of Faith!

    In fact I’m actually heading up to Bethlehem this year for their churching planting residency program.

    One of the places we are praying about for a plant is downtown Grand Rapids.

    I know GR is something of an evangelical mecca, how would you evaluate the the need for a God-centered, gospel centered church in the downtown?

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the idea. I added T4G’s 2006 Affirmations and Denials as well.

    As for as another church in G.R.usalem . . . I’d LOVE to talk to you about it. Contact me!

    And say hello to the tribe at Bethlehem. I have many friends there, including Chuck Steddom and Jon and Mandy Nowland, and Dr. Jason DeRouchie.

  3. Matthew,

    I’m totally pumped to be working with the guys up at Bethlehem, and I will definitely pass along your hello. One of the guys at Bethlehem recommeded your blog.

    Before I head up to Bethlehem to start my residency I’ll being visiting GR July 19-29. I would love to get together, buy you lunch, and pick your brain about church planting in the city.


    My email is [deleted by editor to protect from spam].

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