During times of testimony, I have often felt sheepish about my story.  I was raised by authentic believers, and do not have any extraordinary stories of rebellion against God.  This makes my testimony very different than the sensational stories that are celebrated, like the story of Augustine.

I found this quote in The Confessions, and it encouraged me.  I hope it will encourage those of you who have stories similar to mine.

[If you’ve never read the Confessions, Augustine writes in an extended prayer to God.  Also, if you’ve never read the Confessions, you should.]

If there is anyone whom you [God] have called, who by responding to your summons has avoided those sins which he finds me remembering and confessing in my own life as he reads this, let him not mock me; for I have been healed by the same doctor who has granted him the grace not to fall ill, or at least to fall ill less seriously.  Let such a person therefore love you just as much, or even more, on seeing that the same physician who rescued me from sinful diseases of such gravity has kept him immune.


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