Dever: “Glorifying Christ with the Psalmist”

Pastor Mark Dever gave a wonderful message at the WorshipGod08 conference, entitled “Glorifying Christ with the Psalmist.” He ended with a plea for believers to read the psalms through Christ’s eyes, and imagine the Lord singing the psalms.

  • Who could more lament the reality of sin than the one who would bear the sins of all of us?
  • Who could more sing of trust in the God of Israel than the one who gave his life completely in trust of Him?
  • Who could more joyfully sing the Father’s praises than the One who knew Him best?
  • Who could celebrate creation more than the one through whom all that has been made, was made?
  • Who knew more about the deliverance of God’s people than our deliverer Himself?
  • Who could more rightly speak words of judgment than the man, Christ Jesus, who was appointed to be judge over all?
  • Who could better express penitence than the one who both knows our sins fully and was tempted as we are, and yet was without sin – so knows completely the way God calls us to live?
  • Who better to express the life of the Pilgrim than the one who came to seek and to save that which was lost?
    Who better to sing the Royal Psalms than the one who is the everlasting King – great David’s greater Son?
  • Who better to sing the teaching psalms than the one who was wisdom itself?
  • And who better to sings psalms of ascent than he who would ascend back into his Father’s presence, waiting for the moment when he would return?

Christ. The fulfillment of Scriptures, will help us understand the Scriptures. The Scriptures, including the Psalms, will help us understand him more. And that will certainly make Christ all the more lovely, all the more desirable, all the more praiseworthy, in our minds and in our hearts and in our churches, so we can really say with the psalmist: “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”


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