United Breaks Guitars

If a musician were ever wronged, there’s very little they can do. Physically, they are quite weak. Socially, they are fringe elements of all people groups. Emotionally, many of them are pathetic heaps of uncontrollable pathos. Spiritually . . . well, you get the point.

So if a musician was wronged, about the only option they have . . .

Full Story.

[ht: BCL]


4 thoughts on “United Breaks Guitars

  1. Not to point out the obvious, but that busted guitar he’s holding in the video is an Epiphone Hummingbird, not a Taylor.

  2. Might also be important to note that the coffee cup-holding woman who is pictured at 0:59 is not an actual employee of United Airlines, Inc. or one of its global subsidiaries.

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