Making Megan Fox Beautiful

I think its time that we start praying for Megan Fox. And I’m serious.

If you don’t know who she is . . . um, check the wikipedia article, but be warned about a fair amount of inappropriate language. To summarize, Megan Fox is the most recent media “eye-candy” designed to generate lust in men.

I have no idea what she thinks about the situation, but I think the whole thing is sad and we should pray for her.

The “lust industry” is built upon reduction. They take a young lady and remove things.

  • They remove her mind and portray her as flighty. Men, it seems, would not like to deal with a lady with thoughts and moral conviction.
  • They remove her community and portray her as available. Imagine if the young lady was in a seriously committed relationship — how many magazines or movies would that sell?
  • They remove her clothing (or at least draw attention to its potential removal) and mute her ability to be anything more than a mere body. (Piper’s Momentary Marriage riffs on God providing clothing to Adam and Eve – pg. 37. Read it here).

What’s the result of this? These women lead tragic lives.  Farrah Fawcett had tremendous heartbreak in her family. Marylin Monroe had a tragic life by every way of measuring it.

Because of the hype machine, it is impossible to tell what Ms. Fox is actually like. Her father left their family early in life and her mother and step-father aparantly were legalistic. She was bullied in middle school and wanted to leave home at age 14. She claims to have experimented with drugs and bi-sexuality.

I’m starting to pray for Megan Fox. Not so that she can star in Fireproof 2, but so that God can make her the redeemed daughter of the king she was made to be. So that God can make Megan Fox beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Making Megan Fox Beautiful

  1. Well no doubt about it she is very bodacious. If God has made her bodily beautiful what’s so wrong about her flaunting it. Not just men but also some women admire and appreciate her beauty. Sex is God’s good gift and her sexiness is part of God’s common grace.

  2. Hi Dave — thanks for swinging by the blog.

    I agree that beauty is God-given. However, God warns us that physical beauty is fleeting and vain (Prov. 31:30). God has instructed people to ensure their beauty is not MERELY physical. He tells us to “flaunt” different aspects of beauty like gentleness (1 Peter 3:4)and reasonableness (Phil. 4:5).

    Do you have a wife or daughter, Dave? Have you encouraged her to gauge her beauty against Megan Fox? No wonder eating disorders among women are so epidemic. My wife (Lisa) is more beautiful than Megan Fox — not because of a superior waist-to-hip ratio — but because the entirety of her person is completely captivating.

    Sexuality was created by God as a special aspect of person-hood that is to be shared only within the confines of marriage. This is the OPPOSITE of flaunting. Sex is God’s good gift, but don’t take the good gift and fling it around in the city streets (Proverbs 5). I’m not sure if “sexiness” is common grace (common meaning: shared), but if it is than the world is making it TOO common (meaning: vulgar).

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