Guest Review: Ethan Reviews “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”


Ethan watched “Beethoven Lives Upstairs” and provides this helpful review.

The Boy of the house Did not like Bateoven But Bateoven liked him. Bateoven’s Dad is a Artest. he is Deff. Bateoven wares Glasses. he wares no Braseys. Batoven has a god hart. Bateoven Dringcks. when Bateoven moved in the father of the house had to move out. Bateoven was varey scarey. Bateoven was Dmading. at the End he finshs his 9th sifny. he Died rhit affter his consert.


3 thoughts on “Guest Review: Ethan Reviews “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”

  1. 1) solid review. concise and helpful. syntax/spelling is very e.e. cummings at points

    2) first comment on this post was brenton brown. just thought i’d point that out.


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