Going Dark until June 15

Hey blog family.

I’m taking a pretty intense load of seminary classes in the month of June. From June 1 – 12, I’ll be taking two classes that are each worth three credits. My first class (Sys. Theo. 1) lasts from 8:am till noon. Then my second class (OT Theo) goes from 1:pm till 5:pm.

Now for the kicker — Because they are three credit classes, I need to work three hours out of class for every hour in class. So, 8 hours of class X 3 credits = 32 hours of school work each day. I guess I’ll have to sleep in class. 🙂

The good news is that I received one syllabus early (Thank-you, Dr. Wittmer) and I’ve worked ahead. Of the 1600 pages of reading, I’m through about 1000 and have a huge jump on my paper that’s due the second week.

The bad new is that my other teacher has not yet completed his syllabus. He did, however, assign a five-page paper due on the first day of class. I got that done already, but am flying dark about what’s coming next.

On June 15th, I’ll start my third class (Sys. Theo. II). I’ve got a good jump on some of that reading already, and it should be nice to have only one class at a time. However, that’s the time I’m doing two weddings and that concert with the Holland Symphony orchestra.

So, pray for me. Pray for my family. Pray for my brain.

And, NO BLOGGING for a bit. Please come back?


4 thoughts on “Going Dark until June 15

  1. Hey Matthew! Jon is just finishing up a term and headed into some intensives this summer as well as in the Fall. (All while he works full-time…) He should graduate next May !!! Yeah!!!
    BTW I hope you are staying well and Lisa is keeping your sock drawer well stocked 🙂
    God’s grace to you and your family as you embark on Sys Theology…Learn much and don’t neglect the boys.
    With love to you both

  2. Hello, Matthew. Our church just did a live worship recording containing 12 songs. The First Place is one of those songs. I am trying to secure copyright permission (mechanical licenses) for all the songs. Will you please let me know where to obtain permission?

    I know you are really busy with all your classes for the next couple of weeks. I hope this isn’t too much of a bother!

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