You can make anything gummy.

My friend Zach Vinson and I were talking yesterday about how much stuff is gummy.  Sure, you know about gummy bears and gummy worms, but how much other stuff can you gummy?

The answer: lots of stuff.

The insect world has given us gummy bugs, realistic gummy bugs, and gummy butterflies.

Gummy cows make gummy burgers, but be warned — they’re sour.  Chickens give us gummy fried eggs and there’s gummy peach penguins.  The gummy pig can produce gummy hotdogs or even gummy bacon.

The gummy sea has given us gummy sharksgummy octopi, Turtles, Dolphins, Fish, and Seahorses.

Humans can dress their gummy army in gummy Mexican hats and feed them some gummy pizza.  Healthy humans can have gummy vitamins and sick humans can have gummy cough drops.

And for cannibal humans, we have gummy eyes and an anatomically-correct gummy heart.


3 thoughts on “You can make anything gummy.

  1. Welcome to the blog, Kevin.

    While there are a lot of directly spiritual posts here, there are other posts that are more obliquily spiritual. As a systematic theologian, I’d file them under “trying to see the world around me,” while my wife would file them under “discovering the absurd.”


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