Family Update: May 18, 2009

One little, Two little, Wii little Indian Boys.
One little, Two little, Wii little Indian Boys.

Time for a little family update!

We just moved into our new house (1500 Robinson Rd.) and we love it.  Matthew‘s working on seminary classes this summer and playing a jazz gig with a symphony in June.

Levi: is incredibly verbal and bright. Every time we pick him up from the church nursery, someone mentions “He’s VERY smart.” He’s not quite two, but knows almost all his letters and numbers, has a 400-word vocabulary, and strings together three-word phrases with ease. I wish I had such good word good!

Ethan: is finishing first grade.  He’s a big reader and dreamer.  He recently wrote this note, and wanted me to give it to the people next door.

Dear naebers,We wood like to see yer house. Evite us over so we can see it.

Your Naebers.

Owen: was accepted into a charter school kindergarten. Many of you may remember the difficulty that he had with his speech, but much of that seems to have cleared up. His school has a “young 5’s” kindergarten where he could have been placed, but he qualified for the normal class. Yeah, Owen!

Lisa: had a crazy dream last night. It was the end times. The Beast had taken over the world and God gave 10 people (including the two of us) super-abilities to battle this Beast. The abilities were super speed, improbable acrobatics, and prophesy.


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