SongList: How Many in The Rotation?

I recently got this question:

I have been asking worship leaders this same question and I was hoping to get your input:

How many songs are in your current worship rotation? 30? 40? 50? more?

The answer is (Q1 x Q2)1.2 = SL#

1) How many songs (see previous discussion) does your community sing each time they gather? Some churches sing just one song (Pritchard, pg. 85), while others really get going after the first five.

2) How often do you need to sing the songs? Two factors to consider:
a) Do you sing them often enough so people know them? Could they sing them while washing dishes Thursday evening?
b) Do you avoid singing them sooo often that people get “sick of them”?

Take the answer to Question 1 and multiply it by the answer to Question 2. Then take that whole answer and add 20% for occasional songs. These are songs that are too used to do regularly, but can be used occasionally.

Yeah, the math equasion was a dorky way to answer this, but it helped me explain some of the ways that I think about this. But this SongList is a big deal. I’ll be blogging more about it later.

BTW: When I was working at Harvest Bible Chapel we came up with a chart that helped us put it together. We used about seven songs a service, and rotated songs every six to eight weeks. This made a list of about 60 that you can find here. Good luck figuring it out. 🙂


4 thoughts on “SongList: How Many in The Rotation?

  1. I’m sorry I meant the letters in the spread sheet from Harvest. in the columns I see X’s, E’s, and RM’s.
    I’m assuming ones, are the list of songs you would open with, twos are teh second songs etc..


  2. No. Sorry it’s sooo confusing. “E” means it was done at our Elgin Campus, “RM” means it was done at our Rolling Meadow Campus.

    The sheet was desinged for internal use, and it made sense to us. Just shows you how crazy we are. 🙂

    And the 1-5 thing is also based on moving from horizontal songs (sung exhortations) to vertical songs (sung prayers). I’m going to write more on that soon.

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