Signs You Are An Adult

Sings That You Are Really An Adult,
by Matthew Westerholm

Here’s mine!  But you don’t have to BE an adult to know the signs.

1. The Propect of an All-Nighter sounds terrible.
If I asked my six-year-old if he wanted to stay up all night, he’d love me forever.

College students drag around campus, but secretly it’s a badge of honor:  “I’ve been up for 39 straight hours, man, getting ready for my recital.”  That might have been a mistake.   I doubt the guy who won the Boston Marathon pulled an all-nighter to get ready for it.

2. You consider vanilla a flavor.  And really do enjoy it.
Ask a kid if he wants vanilla or chocolate.  He’ll pick chocolate every time and, if he’s honest, shoot you a look that means “Is that really a choice?”

3. You pay a mortgage.
A 14-year-old can (sadly) have a baby.  It takes an adult to have a mortgage.



7 thoughts on “Signs You Are An Adult

  1. Your decision whether or not to participate in a “pick-up” team-oriented physical activity is made based on the probability of injury.

  2. 1. Own a mini-van

    2. Take your camcorder to your kid’s end of the year recitals and such

    3. Sometimes go to bed at 9pm and love it

    4. Find yourself saying to your kids, “You don’t know what a cassette tape is? You have never heard of Michael Jordan? You’ve never known life without the internet?”

  3. Oh oh oh I have one!
    Making a list titled “Signs You Are An Adult”
    (Yeah, I know that you posted this awhile ago… But I just thought of it now.)

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