Easter is my favorite day of the year. Easy.

Better than Christmas. Christmas is SO HARD because people just sort of glaze over when you tell them the truth about what Christmas means. It’s hidden in a fog of tradition, materialism, sentimentality, and . . . consumerism.

But Easter — that’s different. Sure, you have the Easter bunny, but nobody knows that story . . . if there’s a story at all.

Easter . . . WOW. Winter is turning to spring, and the major meta-narrative in the air is DEATH being SWALLOWED UP in LIFE. You get the whole gospel all put together in one glorious event. You get humanity’s greatest felt need completely met. You get encouragement. You get inspiration. You get challenge and hope and faith.

I went to the best Good Friday service I ever saw, an large Easter service, then a smaller Easter service for Sunday morning.

The only thing missing this year was a sunrise service. Next year, I’m waking my family up at 4:AM and making it happen.


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