A New Home

After about six months of looking, Lisa and I seem to have found our new home.  Sure, it may be premature, but I’d rather be premature than immature.

You can see a picture of the house here.

We have been staying in an apartment, which has been nice in one sense.  After being separated from each other for three months, it is nice to be together. However, 560 square feet (this includes the tub and kitchen cabinets) for five people is a little TOO together. So, in a second and more accurate sense, it has not been great.

I have three small boys (Ethan – 6; Owen – 4; and Levi – 20 mo) and they are active.  My wife and I BUTTER the boys so they can slide around the apartment more easily.  One day, while Lisa was taking a nap, the two older boys got in a fight.  I split them up by sending Owen to his room, Levi into the family room.  Ethan turned to me and asked “Do you want me to go into the bathroom?”  A fair question.

This experience has drawn our attention up to our true home: heaven.

The verse that the Lord has given us to remind us of this is Psalm 23:6, which says “… I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”  Ultimately, it is His dwelling that we were built to enjoy and long for.  And to remind us of this important truth even after we move it, we are looking for a calligraphy sign that we can put in the entryway.


3 thoughts on “A New Home

  1. Oh my gosh. We all (Lincoln, Dad and I) laughed out loud at Ethan’s comment. “Do you want me to go to the bathroom?!”
    That is so funny.
    Miss you guys. You’ll have to invite us up to see the new house soon!!

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