I’m back.

Well, it’s been too long.  I blogged for five years.  Then took six months off.  I had a bunch of good friends tell me to keep blogging.  Thanks Josh, Andi, Landon, Carl, (and Karl), John, and Bryce for bringing this back from the dead.

If you want to read the old blog, you can still do that here.

How will the new blog compare to the old blog?  Well . . .

. . . if you took the old blog and broke it into 10,000 pieces
and you took each of those pieces and planted them in the ground;
sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain sun rain
up from the group emerges “blog plants.”
Now — quick — harvest the “blog plant fruit”
placing each juice-filled morsel into a gigantic wooden basket.
Pile these baskets into dozens of towers – each a mile high.
That’s what the new blog will be like.


3 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. Matthew, glad to see you are back blogging. Hope you and your family have settled well into Grand Rapids. Love the wordpress theme you chose. Looks very familiar 😉 (www.harvestjacksonville.org)

  2. you know pal, there’s nothing like browbeating and harassing someone on facebook to get your way. thanks for being submissive. and good to see you at elgin last night…sorry we couldn’t chat

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